So last week I sat down to read the paper only to discover amongst the flyers a postcard so graphic it left me dumbfounded.  Why would anyone even think to send such a thing in the mail is beyond me.

Usually, I can handle gross images, but when it comes to children, I can't.

Even more confusing for me is the fact that I'm actually for graphic images. In Canada, along with over some 30+ countries, graphic images are used everyday on cigarette packs to get messages across about the dangers of smoking.  How effective this is, is another story, but I'm sure those graphic images saved a few lives.  This for me however is different.  What if a child discovered this image first? Or are today's children desensitized to all this?  What if some adult sees it and immediately goes into seizure? Maybe displaying these images has opened up a lot of eyes - it sure has mine!  I didn't even know the laws in Canada allows one to abort fetuses so late in pregnancy!  This is like murder to me, of a human being! But was this the right approach?  Couldn't they have inserted them in an envelope with some kind of warning on the envelope itself?

These postcards were created and distributed by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform which targeted a few MPs who voted against an anti-abortion backbench motion, a motion which wanted to start a study to define when a human life begins.

Jonathon Van Maren, communications director of the anti-abortion centre stated:
"We know these images will turn some people's stomachs. They turn my stomach. But we looked at the history of social movements … and they often used graphic images to get their message across."  
Ok.  So maybe he has a point but like I said, did they have to do it this way?

I don't know. I remember reading a long time ago how Russia displayed on it's billboards real accident scenes to deter drinking and driving. On one hand it's good to 'wake us up' to reality but on the other hand, too much and we will only be desensitized after awhile.

For the rest of that day, all I could talk about at work were these images. A lot of my co-workers were shocked and some wouldn't even dare to look at the postcard.

So what are your thoughts?  Are graphic images really necessary to get a point across?

Warning:  Read more only if you want to see the unblurred pics.

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  1. Yes they are needed in this day and age, there's to much violence in todays children's games and news.
    Sadly If you want to capture the attention you need to shock the reader.

  2. I agree. This is a human being and was from the conception. If more women really saw what happened to the baby they would not be doing this. This IS a HUMAN being and it is murder. Pro choice advocates state "It is MY body and I will do what I want to." What choice did this human being have other than being slaughtered? I am a woman and this makes me sick. People need to be morally responsible. If you want to have sex, use birth control-both partners. Better yet, abstain until you are married and in a stable relationship and can care for a child like it deserves to be cared for.

    1. Will, I agree. However, there is so much violence in today's games, on tv, in the movies, in the news, on the net... that children nowadays are becoming too 'immune' to these kind of images. Maybe 'Less is More"?

      "Anonymous", I am most definitely with you on that one about the fetus being a human being which has no say in the situation because of someone's (most times than not), bad judgement. There are also too many couples out there who cannot have a baby...

      As for those small percentage where becoming pregnant was beyond their control (such as rape victims - due to domestic violence or otherwise), we can only hope and pray they will choose to carry the baby til term then give it up for adoption.

      Thank-you both for your comments.

  3. 55,000,000, that's 55 million Babies have been destroyed in America since Roe Vs. Wade. If you laid them head to toe, the line would stretch from Miami to Los Angeles I believe over 7 or 8 times.
    America will pay a price for this.
    Believe what you want, there is a price to pay.....................

  4. This is just so not right.. How could anybody do such a thing? You need pictures like this to get the point across. Abortion is murder. You can believe what you would like, but that is a baby, not just something you can kill because you don't want the child.. And how can you know if the child is really alive yet or not? How can you know if the child is in pain? You don't know, so you shouldn't do it. You really need to think things through before you do something. So, please, soon-to-be mothers out there, at least try adoption.