So while having lunch with a co-worker the other day, we came across 'another' cheeky squirrel standing so close to us and just staring at us.  He wouldn't move for anything.  Then we realized it was the peanut butter packets we were eating out of.  He smelled the peanut butter, lol.  I guess it was the wrong thing to eat around a bunch of squirrels!

You know what's cooler than the pictures of him eating it?  It's me capturing it on video. I was only able to capture it for a few seconds - but that was good enough.

He licked that thing clean before throwing it away, lol. Slob!

Peanut butter packet
It never ceases to amaze me how dexterous their little paws are. The way he held on to that peanut butter packet and licked it clean looked similar to how, well, I would do it!

The majority of the squirrels around here at work seem to be rather 'friendly' and of course, cheeky.  I hope to capture more of their antics when time and weather permits.  For now, I was just happy to capture this moment with one of them.

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