The Real-life TEDDY BEAR Dog From Canada

Actually Tonkey’s 100% Shar Pei but most would say she looks more 100% teddy bear so we’ll go with the latter. She has become famous on Instagram much to her owner’s surprise who originally created Tonkey’s account for ‘the sole purpose of making friends’ for herself but it seems Tonkey is now the one with all the friends (and fame)!

She’s from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and now has over 69.8k followers on Instagram the last time we checked! Tonkey is a Chinese Shar-Pei who has what’s called a bear coat, which is, if you can believe, an actual disqualifier in an American Kennel Club show ring, (but we don’t care and apparently neither does the rest of the world), making her look a little bit like a Chow-Chow.