Had a few friends over the other day and they were wondering how I kept my dark laminated floors so 'smudge free'.

The thing is, laminate floors are great but the darker ones show everything and I mean everything!  Everyone who owns them, knows this.  Everyone also warned me about this before I had them installed but I didn't care.  I love dark, warm colours inside so it was never a question of getting dark or light laminate flooring but rather how to keep them from showing all the footprints, smudges, etc.

First of all, let me say from experience, you'll never get a dark laminate floor completely smudge free or even shining like new - at least not for any length of time, but that's ok.  It doesn't matter anyways.  After awhile, you get used to the 'not-so-perfect-dark-laminate' and just enjoy it for how it is.

Yes, I've tried wearing socks but once your feet gets sweaty, it shows on the laminate also.  I also don't like using too much liquid or products such as Murphy's Oil, Orange-Glo, etc. because I don't want to create a build up over time.  The smart thing to do is to clean with the least amount of chemicals possible - try using just vinegar and water. (See the video I made at the end). The next thing to do and I think the most important thing in order to keep your floors looking their best after cleaning it is to wear something that leaves a minimum amount of trackable evidence.

Welcome to my discovery of the 'Slipper Genie'!...

The French have been keeping their floors clean this way for years... or so I have been told!

These open-toed slippers have microfiber fingers that catch all that hair, dust and dirt that is so prominent on dark floors... while at the same time keeping them smudge free!

You can also wash these!  Since those microfiber fingers are attached with velcro, all you have to do is unpeel and wash them in the washer!  However, make sure to NEVER use fabric softener in the wash or dryer as this will comprise their effectiveness.

Now the trick is to make sure EVERYONE in the family wears them!  They only had them in pink at the store where I bought them so I went online to Amazon to order some blue ones for my husband and the boys, (see my Amazon widget below). Also it's best just to wear them on the floors only where it's laminated otherwise I find you track 'other' stuff back onto the laminate floors from non-laminated floors. If I step into grease in the kitchen, I don't want to be tracking that back onto my dark floors!


Cleaning my floors with the slippers!


Ok, so it's not the greatest but when some people don't follow the rules (my sons refuses to wear pink slippers), you will get the odd smudge and footprint in there!

Still beats trying to polish them all day, everyday. So go pick yourself a pair or two in the stores or on here at Amazon today! (Lol, I don't mean to sound like a flippin' commercial).  Hell!  If you get happy enough, just do some slippin'-an-a-slidin' moves on the floor to really buff it to a shine.  This way you kill two birds with one stone - get shiny floors while burning a few calories!  Amen!



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  2. Great tip! Nearly all of our house is laminate. It looks great when its clean (3 males in the house=almost never). The question is how to get men to wear slippers....

    1. I hear ya Beth. Same here with the 3 males. It's hard to get them to wear the slippers so mine is always working overtime! ;)

  3. This looks like fun! I would totally do this. I'd probably put on some fun music and dance/slide around.

    Anita Mas |

  4. where do you
    get those shoes socks?