THEN and NOW: 14 Famous Movie Locations

There are movies we’ve watched that we never forget and usually those movies accompany certain scenes in real locations in which we relate those movies to, for example Marty McFly’s house from “Back to the Future” or that famous scene in “Pretty Woman” of Richard Gere going up the fire escape of a building to declare his love for Julia Roberts. Those were real scenes. But how have those scenes/locations changed over time? Some apparently have aged well, while others – not so good. I’ve tried to include videos where possible of some of the actual scenes/locations from the original movies.

So how many of these movie classic scenes do you remember?

1. The historic Golden Nugget casino, featured in the James Bond film ‘Diamonds Are Forever‘ in 1971, underwent a $100 million renovation.

The famous scene can be seen about 1:18 secs into the video below.