CONDO RENO - Part 6 - Laying the Laminate

Ok, so all the walls of all the rooms have been painted and now it was time to do some laminate flooring! Yeah!
My favourite part!  Probably because I wasn't doing it?  Lol.

Alf and his crew, (his son and cousin), came by the day before to bring in all the laminate flooring.  They put the required bundles of laminate flooring in each room and brought in all the necessary tools.

We didn't know it yet, but Alf was going to be our 'saviour' in disguise. Remember that huge hole in the wall? (hint, hint)

CONDO RENO - Part 5 - The Disaster

So today I took a break from things to show you the progress we've made so far.  But before I mention that, just let me say it's been a crazy week.  First, my glasses fell right into the paint can so it was ALL covered in brown paint!  Don't ask me how it happened... it just happened!  I should have provided you guys with some sort of evidence but I was just too frustrated.  Then the next day, a friend came over to help with the painting.  He's an awesome painter and have been painting for many years before retiring a few years ago.  He offered to help paint to which I replied "No problem!"  I can always use an extra 'free' hand.

Well all was going well till he stepped off the ladder but forgot there was an extra step.  All of a sudden he started going uncontrollably backwards.... backwards... backwards and right into the wall!  Now I have a large hole in my wall!  It was like, "Oh my god!  Are you ok?  Omg, look at the wall!"

CONDO RENO - Part 4, Work In Progress

So Today I will talk about our progress so far.

We started the painting before, during and after all the carpeting and existing laminate floorings were ripped up.

By the way, I'm a terrible painter - or so I've been told by my husband.  I tend to paint all over the place.  You'll probably notice this throughout my photos.  Start here, start there, finish somewhere in the middle, you know, all over the place - like a scatterbrain! Yet, surprisingly enough, the end results are always great!

Also, we decided to save money by painting everything ourselves!


Carpet ripped off the stairs


Apparently they can!
Meet Tiberius! He's only 4 months but he won't get much bigger than this at maturity!


No.  Not that one.                                                                                              This one 
"Nalla and Tiberius"

CONDO RENO - Part 3, Choosing the Paint

Ok, so we chose the flooring now for the paint.

As you've seen from the first post, the condo was already in a nice, light colour but now I'm going to be doing a complete flip and make everything in darker shades of brown.... with the exception of one room.  One VERY bright room that will be LIME GREEN!  That was the request, so shall it be!

My favourite paint store is Dulux.  After using other brands of paint, I feel Dulux is a great brand of premium quality paint... but that's just my opinion!  Anyways, I bought about 5 cans of espresso brown (really rich, dark brown), and about 6 cans of mocha.  The only paint I didn't purchase there was the lime green because I had bought that paint much earlier when I was in another hardware store.

CONDO RENO - Part 2, Choosing the Flooring

So today I was heading over to the condo to start painting.  Yes, I'm doing all the painting myself along with the help of my husband.  But before I do that, I wanted to let you know about the flooring I eventually chose.  I went to a store called "End of the Roll" (after going to a few others), and decided to use them since they were more flexible... in terms of pricing.

Personally, I would have rathered hard wood floors instead of laminate but my budget, unfortunately, does not allow this.  I also love, looove dark, warm colours so with that in mind I knew what to look for.
There was so much to choose from that at one point I couldn't really make up my mind.  I'm never good when I have too many choices!