CONDO RENO - Part 5 - The Disaster

So today I took a break from things to show you the progress we've made so far.  But before I mention that, just let me say it's been a crazy week.  First, my glasses fell right into the paint can so it was ALL covered in brown paint!  Don't ask me how it happened... it just happened!  I should have provided you guys with some sort of evidence but I was just too frustrated.  Then the next day, a friend came over to help with the painting.  He's an awesome painter and have been painting for many years before retiring a few years ago.  He offered to help paint to which I replied "No problem!"  I can always use an extra 'free' hand.

Well all was going well till he stepped off the ladder but forgot there was an extra step.  All of a sudden he started going uncontrollably backwards.... backwards... backwards and right into the wall!  Now I have a large hole in my wall!  It was like, "Oh my god!  Are you ok?  Omg, look at the wall!"

I didn't know how to fix it or how much it would cost to fix it and I was already using up all my budget for this reno faster than I thought. I was really getting worried, but I had to carry on.  So as you can see from the  pic right above, and if you can look beyond that distracting hole, you'll see we've already started on the  living room and... almost had it completed when the disaster struck!

Living Room

Dining room

Anyways, the flooring guys are here and they will be laying the laminate flooring shortly, so stay tuned!!

And this is the carpet we'll be using for the stairs.  I know, I know... it looks like crap and the picture isn't the greatest, but hopefully against the dark laminate it won't look so bad.   I needed something durable that hid dirt well and won't wear over time... and oh!... had different shades of brown in it, lol.  I don't like the plastic-'thingy'-running-down-the-center-of the-stairs idea. I never did like that because you would always have flat in the middle and fluffy on the sides. No.  And since I couldn't afford to do the entire stairs in laminate (as I previously wanted), I will have to settle for half and half...

I'll be back soon! :)

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