CONDO RENO - Part 3, Choosing the Paint

Ok, so we chose the flooring now for the paint.

As you've seen from the first post, the condo was already in a nice, light colour but now I'm going to be doing a complete flip and make everything in darker shades of brown.... with the exception of one room.  One VERY bright room that will be LIME GREEN!  That was the request, so shall it be!

My favourite paint store is Dulux.  After using other brands of paint, I feel Dulux is a great brand of premium quality paint... but that's just my opinion!  Anyways, I bought about 5 cans of espresso brown (really rich, dark brown), and about 6 cans of mocha.  The only paint I didn't purchase there was the lime green because I had bought that paint much earlier when I was in another hardware store.

I purchased all paints in their signature 'Dulux Diamond' series... all in a 'eggshell' finish.

Another reason I went to Dulux paint store besides being a good quality paint, was because of their sales.  They always have good sales on.  Sometimes it's buy one and get the other can at half price, but on this day, actually for about 2 weeks, it was BUY ONE GET THE OTHER ONE FREE!  Can't beat that!

Shoot!  I almost forgot about all the 'other' supplies: paintbrushes, rollers, paint trays, tape... gosh, I hope I don't run out of money, lol.

My most absolute favourite purchase in terms of making the job easier, was a hand-held paint container with a magnetic part for the brush.  I love, love LOVED it!  It was something new.  This thing was so handy that I purchased 2!

I bought some inserts which I washed over and over again before REALLY disposing of them, lol.  You don't have to use the inserts - but I did!

Oh!  They also gave me a can opener (twice, since I lost the previous one), FREE!  Everywhere else I went, you had to pay for it!

Liners/disposable inserts for hand-held containers.  Also can/bottle opener for free.

Ok, it's time to paint!!  See you soon!

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