Trees and plants apparently have the flexibility to incorporate objects into their growth if the object is left long enough near them. The bicycle-eating tree (the first two photos), on Vashon Island, in Washington, D.C. is one of the more popular ones but they are all amazing to see!

The bicycle-eating tree in Washington | Source: oddee

The bicycle-eating tree in Washington |Source: dailymail

And these trees don’t just target bikes, but also motorbikes. The rust on this motorbike suggests it has been left outside for a long time | Source: dailymail

An old bike that has grown into and up with this tree | Source: dailymail

Green bike that has grown through the middle of a tree. The tree has even managed to navigate around the bike’s wheel | Source: dailymail

What’s left of a red bike | Source: huffingtonpost

An abandoned truck, with a tree growing through it at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, Virginia | Source: oddee

A park bench/tree | Source: huffingtonpost

Hanging up the skates for good! | Source: huffingtonpost

How about a tree growing through a really, really thin sign pole:

“Tree sign” | Source: Imgur

Huge trees, reminiscent of ancient redwoods and oaks, are blended into the walls, while rocks hugging the giant roots gives this Ta Prohm temple at Angkor, Cambodia a surreal appearance which is a popular tourist attraction | Source:amusingplanet

Tree swallowing guard rail | Source: reddit

This chain will be swallowed up soon…

The “chain tree” images | Source: imgur

The fence tree-tree fence | Source: imgur

Tree swallowing fence pole | Source: imgur

“Vintage Tin” tree | Source: imgur

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