2 of the many bottles of Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaners I have in the house
So today I've discovered that Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner can be used as a declogger.

Now I know Lysol® bathroom cleaners claims to clean  on contact, killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and all that jazz, but I've discovered it can do more than just clean toilets!

It all started when I was sick and tired of pulling hair out of the drains (eeew! yuck! I know, sorry).. so I was desperate for something... anything and was hoping I had some more of that  Liquid-Plumr® kickin' around somewhere. Nope!

Had to go to plan B.
I've discovered I had more than enough bottles of lysol bowl cleaners gathering dust in my bathroom cupboards so I started reading the back of one - the black bottle - to see if it would work - even though I knew it was for toilets. And yes, I know, all this chemical stuff is not good for you, it's not good for your brain and it can cause cancer etc.  I know all that already, no need to lecture me on it.  What doesn't kill you will not only make you stronger but wiser the next time around.  Besides, I do use alot of natural stuff also for cleaning - like vinegar, (check out our blog - MFS-The Many Uses Of), but sometimes those things just don't cut it!

So back to the task at hand. So I started reading and realized, of course, it mentioned nothing of unclogging drains but had all the trademarks of being able to do so with such words as 'deep-reach', 'thick formula coats' and 'removes lime scale and rust'... yup! That was good enough for me!  It could coat the drains with its thick liquid, remove rust (and hopefully hair) and reach deep into the crevices of the drains. Lol.  Let's try it!

I went ahead and poured some down the bathtub drain and actually forgot all about it - until a few hours later.

The smell was what reminded me folks!  The smell was really strong!! As a tip, if you're going to try this, plug the hole with a drain plug after pouring this product down your drain to avoid the smell of corroding hair and god-only-knows-what-else in the drains.

Anyways,  when I went ahead and turn the taps on - OMG folks.... it worked!  It worked like a charm!  And probably cheaper than the famous Liquid-Plumr®!  I feel like I'm doing a commercial here for these products - but I'm not.  I just wanted to pass this tip I've discovered.... on to YOU!

Hope it works for you too!

Note:  Unless you don't mind tarnished metal rings, be sure to pour the Lysol® Toilet Bowl cleaner directly into the drain and not around or on the metal itself!


  1. It works on unclogging toilets too....thought I was the only one who uses this "magic potion" to declog!!! :)

    1. That's great Roxanne! Lol. Leave it up to women to discover these things. :)

  2. I'm gonna try this at home. I got real big problem with clogged toilet bowl!!!! Thanks for the info.

  3. Lucky you didn't let those details on the back of the bottle pass. However, even if you did miss it, you can still have a solution within reach. Rummage through your kitchen and mix some vinegar and baking soda and you now have an effective substitute for unclogging sink, toilet, and drains. ;)

  4. how about in unclogging drains? does it help too for housing improvements.

  5. I just tried this on a whim on my shower drain bc i figured `Same shit right?" and it unclogged it beautifully well. I googled it to see if anyone else tried this- HOWEVER DO NOT USE DRANO IN TOILETS its a one way street for substituting drano w toilet cleaner.