MY YOUTUBE FINDS - Charlie Chaplin Face Illusion

Everyone loves a good optical illusion every now and then don't they?  Check this one out.

I thought boring, until the mask turned completely around...

Charlie Chaplin Face Illusion


Welcome to My Flickr Finds...

I was researching a story for one of my other blogs, which led me to another story which led me to even another story, which eventually led me to this Flickr Find, (sorry, I get side-track VERY easily as everyone here at MFS will attest to).  So don't ask me what the original story was about because I forgot already with the excitement and all when I 'stumbled' across these photos...

Yes they are sitting on toilets.  Welcome to the Modern Toilet Restaurant of Taiwan!  Yes guys!  I'm talking an actual TOILET restaurant which is not for the squeamish so move on if this bothers you!  I just love crazy and unique restaurants, don't you?  This one reminded me of the Heart Attack Grill in the USA - remember that one?

But you have to hand it to the Asians, when it comes to being 'creative', adventurous and brave in regards  to creating and hosting the most unual themed-restaurants, they win it hands down!

In this case, it is the Taiwanese that's responsible for this... this toilet eatery. I had to research this more so I went to 'Wiki'...

MY YOUTUBE FINDS - TheSnowCleaner by LOL Wizard

After our recent snow blizzard, I had to Laughed My Freakin' Ass Off for sure with this video!  I could relate to the guy, but not to how he was getting rid of all that snow off his car. I'd never leave the house doing it his way!  I usually would speed thru a video this long but the song actually made me watch the whole thing. Not to mention it was quite amusing to watch. the snow off his car like he's 'cutting cake'.


I'm sure we all have our 'snow day', or 'storm day' stories and pics we'd all like to share and I'm no exception. Here is my story during and after  the storm.

I was all excited on snow day!  It was a snow day for all the kids - schools were closed! It also happened to be my day off from work so I had decided to gear up, put my winter boots on and head on over to my son's place to do some shovelling.  We really haven't had any major snow storm where I could say I REALLY had to shovel any snow... at least with any effort.  Usually it was light enough or it would disappear quickly the next day due to rain or warmer temps.

Well, not today.  Today was a snow storm day and the next day wasn't getting any warmer.  The snow was coming down thick and heavy, not the light fluffy stuff so I knew it was going to stay.

My son was still asleep. He had a late night at university. His car, of course, was covered.  Even worse than ever, but I wasn't touching it.  No sirree! He can do it himself!  I'll be doing some shovelling elsewhere.

The snow was coming down hard and...


So 2 days ago, I awoke to more snow falling outside.  I had to go to work later and the part I hated about all this was having to constantly clean the snow off my car.  I had to clean it off before work, during work, after work.

I know, I know, it's all part of living in a country where snow is inevitable.  I just wanted to rant about it since this is my place, and I can do so.

Actually, this was my son's car I was cleaning since he didn't have to use it that day, (and his is cheaper on gas ;)... and had snow tires on!)

Anyways, after all that cleaning, it started to snow again and when I finally got to work, the lots weren't even plowed yet!

MY YOUTUBE FINDS - А ну быстро домой! (Now Quickly Go Home!)

Lmao.  This lady is telling her doggie to bring the cat inside but I never thought the dog would do it this way!

Poor little doggie.  So strong!  She kept on saying "bring him, bring him, bring him inside...", lol.  And he did too! Right inside!!

А ну быстро домой!


Old coffee on left, newest on the right

So today I awoke and proceeded to make my usual morning cup of coffee - nothing fancy or expensive, no latte or anything like that, just a simple cup of INSTANT coffee.  That's right.  I have a perculator but for some unknown reason I have chosen to have instant coffee every morning - for the past 5 years!

Anyways, I have noticed that my coffee container became smaller.  It wasn't the usual glass jar either. I know there are alot of products that change their designs all the time but this is not what I'm talking about.  The size became smaller.  The price is more, but the bottle seemed to have shrank!

So as you can see from the picture above, my old coffee used to look like the one on the left - a taller glass container, and now it looks like the one on the right - a lighter, plastic container.
And the weird part is, they both still weigh the same - at least according to their packages.  I don't get it!

Both coffees weigh 200 grams.

I was curious about the NET WEIGHT...

A FULL Jar - 

So a full jar weighed roughly around 267 grams.  Then I weighed an empty jar...

 An EMPTY Jar - 

So do the math guys!  267 - 57 = 210 grams.  OMG!  They actually give us more than they state!  Albeit, not a hell-of-alot more, but more nonetheless.

I also weighed the larger jar, but full - not empty! I didn't want to empty it just yet...  But it seems I/we were getting A LOT more for our money back then.

Holy crap!  It almost weighed twice as much! I remembered a few months back pouring the coffee from the larger jar into the smaller plastic jar and it all wouldn't fit!

So the jars got smaller as the prices went up, (almost doubled in price!).  We had a good thing going in the past and never even knew it!

So that, my friends, is my shrinking product for today which is just another - sign of the times.

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