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I wondered... how much was he asking for it?

"MadnessOnWheels | Ahead":

"On I71 South in Columbus Ohio I encountered this manifestation of insanity...
And on top, in front, a freezer!"

Oh my!  Everything but the kitchen sink!  Well maybe that's in there too somewhere!  I didn't know this was allowed in the US?  They just don't make them like they used to, that's for sure! LMFAO!

Flickr photos By brutalSoCal

MY YOUTUBE FINDS - How Pilots Should Talk!

Welcome to My Youtube Finds.  These are videos I come across when searching for other videos for us at MFS.  And let me tell ya - we come across A LOT in a day!  Only the ones I LIKE which I find funny OR interesting I shall post here, every Sunday, when I can.  They don't have to be recent.  Just good.

I usually like videos that are short and sweet!  No one has time to be watching anything longer than a few minutes. I know I don't.  Enjoy!

I'd fly with these guys any day...

how pilots SHOULD talk!


I forgot to bring my bottle of pop inside last night, (in winter I make use of the coldness by using the outside as my gigantic freezer!) and this was the result:

(Good thing I drank all the beer first!)

Grrr!  I usually like to have a quick glass of pop before having my coffee.  Now I'll have to wait to thaw it out in the sink...

So in the meantime, I decided to go make myself some breakfast and discovered this

One brown egg in my carton of white eggs.  ಠ_ಠWhat the hell?  I never buy brown eggs!  Is someone trying to give me a sign here?

Forget it!  I'm going back to bed!


The next morning when I made breakfast, my toast was looking like mickey mouse.  I was like,  ಠ_ಠ "What the hell..??"

That's it!  No breakfast involving eggs.. or toast for awhile.


So what's going on with this crazy winter of ours?  One minute I'm boiling hot inside, and outside - no snow to be found ANYWHERE, the roads are nice and clear and the temps are reasonable... 11º C, that's almost 52º F.  Not bad for winter!

Then the next minute I'm freezing my ass off and holding on for dear life as I'm 'skating' across the icy roads since the side streets are always the last to be plowed...

Grrrr!   I love the beauty of nature - winter and all, but I just wish it would make up it's mind sometimes!  I guess I shouldn't complain.  It could be worse.  Like in Russia where temps reach -50ºC in some places... OUCH!


You have your Walmart People.. I have my Walmart Vehicles...

So Today, (well, actually yesterday), I went shopping at Walmart and on my way out, lo and behold, what did I see... The Vehicle from Hell.  Well almost.

I mean, this guy meant business!  Even the gas tank, if you look closely, had the evil markings on it...

He ain't afraid of NOBODY!   You sir, are one scaaaary, crazy and (hopefully), cool dude!


So today I was looking through Flickr (for who knows what now - I totally forgot - after all the excitement), when I stumbled upon these photos by Millenium Luxury Coaches.  This ain't your average motor home guys! (Sorry, my English gets even worse when I'm excited.)
This is living in STYLE!  I've often mentioned many times to my friends and family that I'd love to own a motor home when and if I live long enough to retire, instead of a house, so I can travel in comfort and see the Americas! I knew there were some 'nice' motor homes out there but I had NO idea there were ones like THESE!

Look at 'em people!  This here is the 2014 Millennium H3-45, S4 #10082... 2014?  Whatever.  But just check it out!

The Ultimate in Quality! This spectacular paint scheme will really draw in the crowds! With three slide-outs, we’ve got plenty of sq feet of interior space all rolling down the highway in style. This Prevost has just arrived at the Millennium workshop and is ready for your customization.

Can you imagine cruisin' down the highway with one of these?  People would think I was some rich bitch. Lordy!  Wait 'til you see the insides!

Whoa!  Those are some big-ass windows!  I think they should have made the wipers bigger, lol.

And another model....

The Elite in Coaches! This spectacular paint scheme will really draw in the crowds! With four slide-outs, we’ve got over 400 sq feet of interior space all rolling down the highway in style. This Prevost has just arrived at the Millennium workshop and is ready for your customization.

The paint designs are just awesome!

Man-o-man!  This one even has a custom trailer attached to match the custom motor home!  Hello!

Now for the pièce de résistance - the insides as promised!

Did I mention these were inside........................ a motor home?

Their attention to detail is amazing!  As they've claimed on their site - "Each cabinet is hand built with the talent of an artist and the hands of a craftsman."  They weren't kiddin' guys!

Wow!  Even the attached trailers are huge inside!

Coach comes with a 2009 Gold Rush 30’ Double Stacker trailer painted to match. With a 9,000 pound lift, hydraulic stands and decked out with LED lights and camera’s you can use it for a guest house or just fill it with toys!

Did  you read that?  We can fill it with toys!

Check the insides of another one here....

Ooooh!  Everything is so shineeeeeeee!!!!!

Cleaning would be a BREEZE in these things!!

That's it!  I'm too depress to continue on.  I'm only making myself suffer more and more...  I was trying to find a price on their site for one of these masterpieces but unfortunately you have to contact them.  Still, I wish they would have put the prices up so we had some idea. I really don't have a clue!  All I know is I want one..... someday!

Flickr photos By MillenniumLuxuryCoaches


My New Year's Hat that was given to
me at work!  They were handing them
out that day...
Happy belated New Year everyone!  Sorry, had to work, but better late than never!

So how was your New Year's day?  I was able to 'squeeze' in one beer after work, (I just started drinking - but that's another post all together), before passing out from exhaustion.  I'm such a party-pooper.

So today I've decided that my new year's resolution is to never, ever make another new year's resolution for as long as I live. Let's hope I can stick to it, lol but it shouldn't be a problem since this is the first resolution I've ever made!

I never make a committment of any kind 'cause I know myself - I do not like restrictions, rules or limits and when I feel the need to have to do something - I just do it.

Take for example smoking.  I had been smoking for roughly 20+ years (I really don't remember how long, but that sounds about right).  Then about two years ago - back in October 2010, I decided it was time to quit - so I quit.  Yes, just like that.  It wasn't easy and I suddenly took up a habit I never had before.  Eating pretzel sticks. (I sort-a looked like that guy in the pic below but I would eat my pretzel after 'smoking' them, lol).   I later realized it covered 2 things that I apparently associated with smoking at the time - having something between your fingers and having something in your mouth. It was weird but I guess it was my way of dealing with it.  That lasted for about - I don't know - 2 months, then that was it!  I never had another pretzel stick - or cigarette, since.

Pic thanks to Flickr
user meowvazquez
So I never make resolutions unless I know I can keep them hence this year's resolution.

I don't do diets.  I believe in eating EVERYTHING, in moderation of course.  A little bit of everything is good for you - too much of one thing isn't.

Anyways, if you made a resolution, I wish you honestly the best of luck because for some people, this is something important and something they need to do for whatever reasons.

If you can, let me know what your new year's resolution is this year and how you plan on carrying it through.  If you fail half way through, don't worry, I'll be here to support you either way!

Happy New Year again!