My New Year's Hat that was given to
me at work!  They were handing them
out that day...
Happy belated New Year everyone!  Sorry, had to work, but better late than never!

So how was your New Year's day?  I was able to 'squeeze' in one beer after work, (I just started drinking - but that's another post all together), before passing out from exhaustion.  I'm such a party-pooper.

So today I've decided that my new year's resolution is to never, ever make another new year's resolution for as long as I live. Let's hope I can stick to it, lol but it shouldn't be a problem since this is the first resolution I've ever made!

I never make a committment of any kind 'cause I know myself - I do not like restrictions, rules or limits and when I feel the need to have to do something - I just do it.

Take for example smoking.  I had been smoking for roughly 20+ years (I really don't remember how long, but that sounds about right).  Then about two years ago - back in October 2010, I decided it was time to quit - so I quit.  Yes, just like that.  It wasn't easy and I suddenly took up a habit I never had before.  Eating pretzel sticks. (I sort-a looked like that guy in the pic below but I would eat my pretzel after 'smoking' them, lol).   I later realized it covered 2 things that I apparently associated with smoking at the time - having something between your fingers and having something in your mouth. It was weird but I guess it was my way of dealing with it.  That lasted for about - I don't know - 2 months, then that was it!  I never had another pretzel stick - or cigarette, since.

Pic thanks to Flickr
user meowvazquez
So I never make resolutions unless I know I can keep them hence this year's resolution.

I don't do diets.  I believe in eating EVERYTHING, in moderation of course.  A little bit of everything is good for you - too much of one thing isn't.

Anyways, if you made a resolution, I wish you honestly the best of luck because for some people, this is something important and something they need to do for whatever reasons.

If you can, let me know what your new year's resolution is this year and how you plan on carrying it through.  If you fail half way through, don't worry, I'll be here to support you either way!

Happy New Year again!

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