Don't you just hate it when you go to take a couple slices of bread and you've discovered there's mold growing on them?? Yick! Grrr!
I am so tired of wasting bread that I had to take drastic measures.

I already took drastic measures a few years back when I literally had to throw out whole bags of bread that were molded from not being touched. I would bring them home fresh, then everyone would touch them and say "ooh, fresh bread, nice".  A week later, they would touch them again - "ooh, they are getting stale mom"... grrr.  "That's it!". I had decided to freeze the entire bread immediately after purchase, this way the freshness was locked in, and only took it out if it was needed the next day. This worked great for a short while until they wanted fresh bread NOW.... not later or tomorrow.  I would tell them to "throw it in the toaster".... "no thanks, we don't want toasted bread, we want fresh bread...".  So much for that plan.
"Yick!  Molded bread!"

They would eat 4 or 6 slices out of the bag then that was it. No one touched it again until they needed it - then it was stale. So then I would end up tossing out almost an entire loaf of bread!


The way the economy's been going lately with prices soaring on everything - especially bread, I had to do something.  I felt like we were slowly reverting back to the 1918s during the U-Boat era when bread was so scarce due to those merchant ships that carried the sacred stuff getting sunk left right and centre, that they had to start rationing it.   Maybe I should stick the poster below somewhere up in the kitchen as a hint...

Anyways, finally I came up with a better solution to make everyone happy.  I still froze the bread immediately after purchase, however, this time, after it's been frozen, (or you can take them out BEFORE), I'd go back and take out 4-6 slices  and put them in a ziploc bag.

Frozen bread

Then I'd return the rest to the freezer.  I would not take out anymore slices until the others were used up!

I'd then place the rest of the frozen bread back into the freezer.  Voila!  Problem solved... and NO MORE WASTED BREAD! :)

Now I have more bread than I know what to do with!

Thanks for reading!

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