OMG.  Talk about heatwave!  Fall officially arrives on the 22nd of September, but you'd think summer had just begun with the heatwave we've been experiencing in the past few days.  Even my cheeky squirrels are trying to cope with the temps... at least one of them anyways.

By the end of the week, temps will drop like a stone, but in the meantime, this cheeky squirrel did what he had to do to keep cool.

Talk about being cheeky.  He seen me taking shots of him and instead of running away.... he just laid there.  So cheeky.  As usual, while this one is distracting me, the other one is up to no good... getting into my flower pot. That's a first!

Wished I could have joined him but I had to get to work!  As for his partner in crime...

Have a good day!

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