So while on vacation a few weeks ago, I've been whipping up some chinese dishes that I've found either in magazines or online.  My teenagers were happy I was off on vacation since this meant some 'decent' and different meals for a change.

This recipe I found in a "Kraft" magazine.  I use to cook - a lot, but with my job demanding so much of my time, I hadn't really cook anything different in months!  Those few weeks were quite a treat for everyone.

The first recipe I made was Asian-style Beef using the Crock Pot! This meant I had time to set it and forget it, lol.  It was a hit with everyone! Check out the full recipe in my video below!

Some of my ingredients...

Now the recipe called for a boneless bottom blade pot roast, but I couldn't really find that so I just bought a sirloin tip roast.

I didn't have any Asian Sesame Dressing on hand so I made my own.
Recipe - "My Quick Asian Sesame Dressing"


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