We often see iconic photos which captures poignant moments in time but rarely do we get to see the photographers behind those photos. Thanks to one American photographer, Tim Mantoani and his “Behind Photographs” series, this may not have to be so rare anymore.
Mantoani has photographed more than 150 other photographers along with the photos that made them famous, using a Polaroid camera – itself said to be an extraordinary rarity – a 20×24 instant camera that produces plates of 20 inches by 24 (appr. 50cm x 60cm). The camera weights 235 pounds (106kg) and has its own custom wheeled tripod.
The photos of these photographers have been viewed by millions, and some are considered the defining representations of the historic events or people that they’ve captured. The portrait series is available in book form on Amazon
I'm not sure what #16 of Muhammad Ali was about, with the arrows stuck in him but perhaps some of you do. I don't expect you to know the photographers behind these famous photos but how many iconic images did you recognized?

1. Jeff Widener – Beijing 1989

Jeff Widener – Beijing 1989