This 12-foot Python Ate Its LAST MEAL When It Decided to Eat a PORCUPINE

I found this next story so fascinating because I really thought snakes could eat anything - and get away with it. I mean, they'll even other snakes!, as you'll see in that video I posted at the end. This one’s huge meal became its last as the needle-sharp quills of a porcupine it ate seemed to have punctured the snake’s digestive tract, possibly resulting in its death.

Source: cnn

Park rangers discovered the injury to this 12-foot-long African Rock Python, when they opened up its stomach after its death. Inside they found a 30-pound porcupine.

The stuffed snake was spotted by a mountain biker in the Lake Eland Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Source: Facebook/Lake Eland Game Reserve

Visitors as well as the Game Reserve itself, were trying to guess what the snake had eaten: a small warthog or impala calf were some of the suggestions on their Facebook page.

Source: Facebook/Lake Eland Game Reserve

Source: Facebook/Lake Eland Game Reserve

Source: Facebook/Lake Eland Game Reserve

Though the exact cause of death is unknown, spectators and the porcupine may be to blame.

“With all the human interaction, this could have caused stress and the python would then regurgitate the meal up with all the quills causing a problem,” said game reserve manager Jennifer Fuller.

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A Snake Eating Another Snake

In this case, it’s a slightly venomous mussurana snake from the genus Clelia, eating a venomous viper snake. These mussurana snakes, called by other names such as zopilota in Central America and cribo on some Caribbean islands, are infamous for attacking and eating other snakes.

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