Guy Builds Awesome TREEHOUSE Plus Skate Bowl and Hot Tub

Now this is the life! I wish I could afford to just quit my job and be able to do something like this!

“My family’s owned the property that the treehouses are on for 20 years. We’d always just come up here and go camping.”

“There’s this really cool row of douglas fir trees on top of the hill so I thought, ‘Hey that’s a good spot to build a treehouse, right there with the best view,’ so that’s what we did.”

And build he did!

The “SALTY GIRLS” Project. Beautiful Women Fighting Cystic Fibrosis

The “Salty Girls” project, (so called because of one of the common symptoms associated with the disease: extremely salty skin), started off as a running joke, according to photographer Ian Pettigrew, but has turned into a worldwide phenomenon.
© Ian Pettigrew
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