So today I awoke to have some tasty fish salad on toast served up for me from my wonderful husband.  You see, we had our Christmas dinner the night before, (you know, the usual turkey, ham, stuffing, gravy and all that good stuff), since I had to work on Christmas day.  I know, it sucks, but someone has to do it. The health care industry never closes. 

Anyhow, I was feeling a bit down since I had to go into work, so he whipped me up some yummy treats!  And the best way to my heart - is through my stomach!  Yes, men, it's not only you.  I too, love food!  Anyone who knows me, knows that my favourite hobbies are eating and sleeping - since I never seem to get enough of or find time for both!

So what are you doing on this fine Christmas day?
Do you have to work too?  I also have to work New Years day!  My gosh!  What was I thinking?

Anyways, here's hoping - to all who celebrate this wonderful occasion, you have a safe and happy holiday and....

MERRY CHRISTMAS, see you in the New Year!!



Hey Canada!  Is it just me or is there alot of A&W restaurants popping up everywhere lately?  Before we only had ONE in our small town, now within a span of a few months there are TWO - one slated to be opened anytime now.

Don't get me wrong, I LOOOVE A&W restaurants!  As a matter of fact, I remember thinking when I was at the old one about 5 months ago, that I had hoped it would never close down.  Now we are getting 2 more!!

I was just curious if it was just here or are they popping up in your neighbourhood also?

The First One Here:

And the Second One I Discovered....

The design is also quite different - with the slanted windows and all.  By-the-way, in the last 2 photos, the location of the new A&W being constructed, used to be the location of another famous restaurant - Taco Bell!  I wonder if they are all going to be closing down?  Hmmm... will have to check into this when I have time.


2 of the many bottles of Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaners I have in the house
So today I've discovered that Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner can be used as a declogger.

Now I know Lysol® bathroom cleaners claims to clean  on contact, killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and all that jazz, but I've discovered it can do more than just clean toilets!

It all started when I was sick and tired of pulling hair out of the drains (eeew! yuck! I know, sorry).. so I was desperate for something... anything and was hoping I had some more of that  Liquid-Plumr® kickin' around somewhere. Nope!

Had to go to plan B.
I've discovered I had more than enough bottles of lysol bowl cleaners gathering dust in my bathroom cupboards so I started reading the back of one - the black bottle - to see if it would work - even though I knew it was for toilets. And yes, I know, all this chemical stuff is not good for you, it's not good for your brain and it can cause cancer etc.  I know all that already, no need to lecture me on it.  What doesn't kill you will not only make you stronger but wiser the next time around.  Besides, I do use alot of natural stuff also for cleaning - like vinegar, (check out our blog - MFS-The Many Uses Of), but sometimes those things just don't cut it!

So back to the task at hand. So I started reading and realized, of course, it mentioned nothing of unclogging drains but had all the trademarks of being able to do so with such words as 'deep-reach', 'thick formula coats' and 'removes lime scale and rust'... yup! That was good enough for me!  It could coat the drains with its thick liquid, remove rust (and hopefully hair) and reach deep into the crevices of the drains. Lol.  Let's try it!

I went ahead and poured some down the bathtub drain and actually forgot all about it - until a few hours later.

The smell was what reminded me folks!  The smell was really strong!! As a tip, if you're going to try this, plug the hole with a drain plug after pouring this product down your drain to avoid the smell of corroding hair and god-only-knows-what-else in the drains.

Anyways,  when I went ahead and turn the taps on - OMG folks.... it worked!  It worked like a charm!  And probably cheaper than the famous Liquid-Plumr®!  I feel like I'm doing a commercial here for these products - but I'm not.  I just wanted to pass this tip I've discovered.... on to YOU!

Hope it works for you too!

Note:  Unless you don't mind tarnished metal rings, be sure to pour the Lysol® Toilet Bowl cleaner directly into the drain and not around or on the metal itself!


Today, I recently read in the Sun News that the owner of Darwin, the IKEA monkey that garnered so much fame around the world, is going to fight to get him back!  I've only posted my blog a few hours ago as you will see below and I didn't think at the time of posting it that it would be the end of hearing about Darwin, and I was correct. However,  I had no idea it would be this soon!

Poor Darwin.  Let's hope the best (wo)man wins... for his sake!

Click on the link or pic to read more!


So today I heard on our local radio station while driving to work, that 'Darwin', yes that's his name, the monkey that made such an uproar the other day, is finally safe and sound in a monkey sanctuary northeast of Toronto, Ontario.

Remember he was wearing that fancy little coat?  Well that's removed now.  The president of the sanctuary (Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary) - Sherri Delaney said basically it was time for the coat to go and to let the rhesus monkey act like it's suppose to act - like a monkey!

She also mentioned he was busy as a bee, 'going 90 miles a minute' and he could make you tired just watching him bounce around.  He's curious about his enclosure and just checking things out. Sounds fair to me!

She also stated on the radio that they have paired Darwin with a "motherly'' older monkey called Sweat Pea and that two other female rhesus monkeys will arrive at the sanctuary in the coming weeks. Sweat Pea is said to be keeping an eye on him looking all worried that he might get hurt bouncing all over the place, lol.

Delaney mentioned as well that it was best if the owner did not visit at this time to try and get Darwin settled down and use to his new home.  The owners will be invited to visit at some point in the future.

If you want to help out Darwin and donate to this fine primate sanctuary, which by-the-way, is one of a few of its kind in Canada, or if you want to follow Darwin's adventure, go to the Storybook Sanctuary website mentioned earlier.

He really is such a busy-body too, lol.  The whole time I'm watching a video about him at the sanctuary, in the background you can see him climbing, swinging and jumping all over the place.  After all, he's only 7 months old, what do you expect?  It seems the owner wants him back but according to Delaney, this is where Darwin will live the rest of his days out.

Too bad you are not allowed to keep one as a pet though.  I wouldn't mind a little Darwin myself but I've also heard and read that the owner was fined $240 CA for having a prohibited pet and had to sign Darwin over to the city!  That would just break my heart.

However, and most importantly why having Darwin as a pet would not be such a good idea is the fact Delaney stated Darwin can bite at this early age and that he could also transmit a disease and as he grows, his aggression could be a problem so... I guess he's better left in the hands of the experts.

Good luck little fella!  Although I get the feeling your owner seems very attached to you and this won't be the last we hear of you...

P.S.  Sorry about the fuzzy pics.  I 'snapped' them from the video I was watching which you can see here!


So today I thought I'd tell you a little trick I've discovered while I was making burger with potato wedges yesterday.

We were tired of the usual fries and wanted to have some wedges instead.  Alot of companies have come out with all kinds of tasteful wedges that you can just pop in the oven for 20 mins and enjoy.  Our favourite is the 'Savoury Extra Crispy' by McCain.  But enough of the free advertising.  The thing I hate the most is having to turn/flip them over after so much time - so I came up with a solution.


Today I came across a post I did on "MFS-The Resource Center blog" that was quite popular and have decided to include it here on my personal blog.  I was not happy to read what this woman wrote in regards to what women needed from a husband.  I needed to rant, so...

My husband said "Go for it!".  So I did!



So today I've discovered that a company can make an air freshner that is absolutely capable of making you sick.

Yesterday I wanted to get into the festive mood and to start things off I wanted the house to have a nice 'chrismassy' (is there such a word... oh well),  smell.   So I went out shopping for a few fragrances in the air freshener department.

There were all kinds of fragrances to choose from - Clean Linen, Apple Cinnamon, Apple Cinnamon (Limited Edition Winter Collection), French Vanilla, Fresh Berries...  It's crazy!  I mean, by the time I was finish reading them all I was starving for some desert!  Anyways,  I was standing there like an idiot trying to smell them all - smelling (more like sniffing) and re-smelling and re-smelling and having a hard time deciding which ones to buy.  In the end I just grabbed a bunch and hoped for the best.  After all, how bad can an air freshner be?  It's whole purpose is to make your place smell nice... right?


So today I thought I'd share with you a recipe that has been made for me many times by a wonderful Belgian friend who always lamented, every time he made it, how this was a favourite around Christmas time with them in Belgium.

Mussels with Home Fries!