CONDO RENO - Part 2, Choosing the Flooring

So today I was heading over to the condo to start painting.  Yes, I'm doing all the painting myself along with the help of my husband.  But before I do that, I wanted to let you know about the flooring I eventually chose.  I went to a store called "End of the Roll" (after going to a few others), and decided to use them since they were more flexible... in terms of pricing.

Personally, I would have rathered hard wood floors instead of laminate but my budget, unfortunately, does not allow this.  I also love, looove dark, warm colours so with that in mind I knew what to look for.
There was so much to choose from that at one point I couldn't really make up my mind.  I'm never good when I have too many choices!

Aha!  I think I found the one I like!

It looks pretty thick too!

Hmmm.... $2.60/sq ft.  I think I might be able to afford that.  I'll try to talk him down...

So many choices!

They even had naturally aged flooring...

I would have rathered this cherry oak hardwood floor below but at $6.25/sq ft., that was just a no-no :(

More from Trillium.  I shouldn't be looking at them, but I just couldn't resist!

Then there was the area rugs, carpets, vinyl flooring...

I'll have to come back later.  So, for now, the flooring was chosen and on the next post I will show the latest happenings inside the condo, including the paint and installation of the new laminate flooring.  Stay tuned!

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