CONDO RENO - Part 6 - Laying the Laminate

Ok, so all the walls of all the rooms have been painted and now it was time to do some laminate flooring! Yeah!
My favourite part!  Probably because I wasn't doing it?  Lol.

Alf and his crew, (his son and cousin), came by the day before to bring in all the laminate flooring.  They put the required bundles of laminate flooring in each room and brought in all the necessary tools.

We didn't know it yet, but Alf was going to be our 'saviour' in disguise. Remember that huge hole in the wall? (hint, hint)

The stairs will be both carpet and laminate (since I couldn't afford to have it all laminated).  The rises first, the insets of the stairs, in laminate flooring, then the tops or runs, in carpeting.

So let's do it!

The next day...

Alf began installing the laminate flooring on the living and dining room floors...

Remember that disaster-of-a-hole?   Lol.  Alf promised to repair it for us.  Not only does he know how to lay floors, but he does drywalling also! Perfect!  You're the man, Alfie. You. Are. The. Man!

So far so good!  Everything is coming along nicely.

Then it was on to the upstairs hallway and eventually the bedrooms...

Gosh this room is 'bright' isn't it?

Note:  Alf will also extend the laminate flooring to include inside of all the closets as well...

In regards to the upstairs hallway here, the previous laminate flooring was cut-out around the bottoms of the wall and casings and Alf didn't like that.  What he did was cut about a 1/4" or so off the bottom of the walls and casings.  This way, instead of cutting the laminate flooring to fit around these openings and edges, he slid the laminate flooring under, which not only made it much easier for him to work with, but also much easier on the laminate and overall a more sturdier floor with no hidden gaps.  Unfortunately for him though, he had to cut through metal, so there were lots of sparks flying that day! 

Ok, that's it for now!  See you soon again, hopefully with everything almost all done!
Thanks for viewing!

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