CONDO RENO - Part 4, Work In Progress

So Today I will talk about our progress so far.

We started the painting before, during and after all the carpeting and existing laminate floorings were ripped up.

By the way, I'm a terrible painter - or so I've been told by my husband.  I tend to paint all over the place.  You'll probably notice this throughout my photos.  Start here, start there, finish somewhere in the middle, you know, all over the place - like a scatterbrain! Yet, surprisingly enough, the end results are always great!

Also, we decided to save money by painting everything ourselves!


Carpet ripped off the stairs

UPSTAIRS HALLWAY leading to the 3 bedrooms

Carpet and old laminate flooring ripped off upstairs in the hallway.
Upstairs hallway.  Master bedroom entrance straight ahead, bathroom entrance to the right.

3 BEDROOMS in their original colour.  All rooms already looked great in their original colours but I just wanted to change things up a bit.  I wanted 2 rooms darker, and one the extreme opposite - brighter.  Now I know the rules already: darker colours make a room look smaller, and probably the last thing I should be doing is painting already small places even darker, but as my blog states "it's my place to do as I please", and the same applies here, lol.  I have never been known to follow the 'norm'.  Besides, I can always repaint later, if I choose to... but I doubt it.

Views of 2 rooms from top entrance of stairs.  3rd room (not shown), off to the right of photo.

Now this first room, the smallest of the three, was originally used as an office.  The colours were burgundy on the bottom, white on top with trim going around half way up the wall.  Not bad.

The next room is the 'Blue Room'.  It's the 2nd biggest room. Once again, the colour wasn't bad but I'll brighten it up even more by painting it over with some lime green paint!

And finally, the 'master' bedroom.  Not sure what colour this was, some sort of 'clayish' look.  Not bad, but it will become MUCH darker!

Now for the progress so far...

The 'office room' and smallest of the 3 rooms:

Covering up that burgundy paint in the 'office room'

The office room looks bigger already!  Doesn't it?  Don't get used to it though, it won't last, lol.

A few hours later...

Now, this didn't look too bad right here... half dark, half white.  I probably would have left it at that, but the request was for the entire room to be one colour and the trim taken off. :(

On to the next room...

The 'Blue Room' is slowly transforming.  By the way, I call this lime green colour 'Xbox Green', lol.

So that's 2 rooms almost completed!

The master bedroom in a rich, espresso colour!

Yum!  Almost looks good enough to eat! :) These pictures don't do it justice!  With some white trim it should look great!

and the living and dining areas...

Dark, dark, dark!  I love it!

Well, that's enough photos for today.  Too pooped!  Will post more later.  Thanks for reading!

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