CONDO RENO - Part 1, The Condo

Ok, so a while back I mentioned about renovating a condo.... a really teeny, tiny condo I purchased some time ago.

Anyways, although it's something real personal to me, I've decided to share with you, my readers, what will probably be a very long, ongoing process, the renovations that will be taking place. Feel free at anytime to offer your suggestions, ideas or expert opinions.

So, as mentioned, it's a very small condo, roughly 950 sq.ft. of space (not including the basement).  It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  Now, this part with having only 1 bathroom does not sit well with me.  If I want to sell this later, this might be a deterent.  I will have to see later if something can be done about this.

Now these condos are horizontal as oppose to your vertical, low or high-rise condos. They are single, attached, townhouse-style units, most of them complete with a drive-way.

What I like mostly about this condo complex, was the mature setting of it's surroundings.  The complex is close to 40 years old... and so are the trees!  I LOVE trees!  The newer ones I originally looked at, seemed to be too 'cold' to me and I didn't care too much for them (not that I could afford one anyways!)

Anyhoo, there are two levels (not counting the basement), to this condo. The living, dining and kitchen are all on the main floor and the 3 bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs.

Upstairs - 3 bedrooms, bathroom

Stairs leading to main floor

Ok, so the place is not big or fancy but it's not bad, and it's cute!  In fact, the realtor told me it was one of the 'better' ones.  More upgraded.  However, the first thing I'm going to be doing is to rip out all existing flooring in the living and dining rooms, the bedrooms and hallways - and replace them with some sort of dark laminate flooring.  I love dark, warm tones!  I did not like how the floors were laying on the main floor, and I will try to update this post with pictures of the main floor to show you what I mean, so stay tune...

Measuring for the flooring of upstairs

UPDATED! - June 06/13

As mentioned, here are some pictures of what the living/dining room looks like.  Now, the colours aren't bad.. Actually, the rooms aren't bad at all but as you look closer at the floors, you will see they have seen better days...

I will also paint the walls a darker tone of brown....

So the floors have to be replaced!

I haven't purchased a house in a very long time and have been so busy with other things that I must have missed out on this being a trend at the time (or still is), adding 'words' or lettering on the walls...

Nice size window....

When everything is done, I will try to include a video or videos of some of the work that has taken place as I will also be recording as much as I possibly can without disturbing the workers, lol.  Ok? Thanks!


  1. You’re already fabulous condo can look more fabulous once you're already done with moving your things and redesigning it. There are lots of condos in realtor’s listings nowadays since they're easier to sell and much cheaper than houses. Well, I hope you can enjoy your stay. You're lucky to have a bigger space at this condo. :)

  2. I love the color of your walls! I'm pretty sure you've something exciting planned for your interior designs when your furniture are moved in. I hope you can maximize your space and have enough place for your stuff. Are you done with the video of your house tour? Please direct me to its link. Thanks! :)

  3. “Live, Laugh, Love.” Nice choice of words for your wall! Because they're printed on the wall, you'll be reminded of the three most important things that we must do amidst our busy schedules. Anyway, your condo looks very nice. I wonder if you've replaced the floors already. Please update me about that. Thanks!


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