So, yesterday I decided to try my hand at making some chicken feet soup.

I'm not trying to gross anyone out here, but this was an actual dish from the islands I tried many moons ago, (35 years to be exact), and it actually tasted good - at the time. For some strange reason, I wanted to try to make it myself and use up some of that chicken feet I bought awhile back.

Everything went great.  The soup - according to a few friends, tasted great also. They chewed on those bones like they were going out of style! Of course, this was probably not as good as the one I had from the islands, but nevertheless it was still good! The chicken feet gave it great flavour!

Anyways, for those of you who may actually would like to make this recipe, I have decided to post the recipe below. However, if you have a weak stomach...

First and foremost, rinse chicken feet well! (10-12 pcs.)
Ok.  Next thing I had to do was cut the toenails, uhm, I meant cut the nails off the chicken feet:

Next.  Throw those feet into a pot of water along with the ingredients below and let it boil for about 20-30 mins.

Cut up anything you want to put in with the soup.  I added some:

Green Onions




But to really give it that island flare, you can add some scotch bonnet peppers, (like a few slithers), some pumpkin-cut up into chunks, (to give it that special colour and taste), 5 or so sprigs of fresh thyme, (I wish I had some of that left), yam, turnips, carrots, chayote (or as Jamaicans like to call it 'chocho') and some pimento, chopped up garlic cloves (along with the salt and pepper for flavouring.)

Next.  Add one or two of those chicken soup packs and/or some chicken bullions, (2 or more depending on the size of your pot and how strong of a taste you want.)  I didn't have any packs of chicken soup left so I only used 2 cubes of chicken stock...

Bring everything to a boil and let it simmer, covered, until soup appears thick and everything is nice and soft...  Add some pepper and salt (if necessary), to taste.

Oh!  One last thing! This was where mine was a bit different from the traditional Island recipe.  Instead of adding dumplings, I added... noodles.  My son, along with his friends, wanted noodles! I didn't have any small noodles on hand, so I had to break up some spaghetti!!! Lol. (I seriously need to go do some shopping!) 

Leave the pasta 'til the end though and boil another 10-15 mins.

And voila!  There you have it.  Chicken Feet Soup - My Style. Lol.


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