So today I've discovered that a company can make an air freshner that is absolutely capable of making you sick.

Yesterday I wanted to get into the festive mood and to start things off I wanted the house to have a nice 'chrismassy' (is there such a word... oh well),  smell.   So I went out shopping for a few fragrances in the air freshener department.

There were all kinds of fragrances to choose from - Clean Linen, Apple Cinnamon, Apple Cinnamon (Limited Edition Winter Collection), French Vanilla, Fresh Berries...  It's crazy!  I mean, by the time I was finish reading them all I was starving for some desert!  Anyways,  I was standing there like an idiot trying to smell them all - smelling (more like sniffing) and re-smelling and re-smelling and having a hard time deciding which ones to buy.  In the end I just grabbed a bunch and hoped for the best.  After all, how bad can an air freshner be?  It's whole purpose is to make your place smell nice... right?

Like I said, there are many flavours.. uhm, I meant fragrances such as:

Glade - Clean Linen

 Apple Cinnamon (Limited Edition Winter Collection)

French Vanilla

Apple Cinnamon

But whatever you do folks... DON'T BUY this one!:


Seriously folks, I'm sure the people at Glade® meant well, but I think somebody made a boo-boo when they created this one.  It bounced around from room to room like a dirty rag before it eventually ended up in the trash. NO ONE wanted it in their rooms!  I can't even begin to describe the smell.I tried to sneak it into my kids' rooms but before long they were like... 'Mom, there's something wrong with this air freshener'.  I had no choice but to dump it!


  1. The nutcracker is actually my favorite one!!

  2. I bought the nutcracker crunch spray a couple years ago. My family loved the aroma, in fact I'm trying to locate this fragrance for this holiday season. I guess the only way to look at this is... To each their own nose.

    1. Of course there will be some who will like the smell. Such is the way the world works. However, I (and my family), couldn't stand the smell so I just wanted to 'warn' people about it. We've even asked a few strangers and they thought it was 'werid' smelling. Unless I happened to have bought a bad one that day, I'm still sticking to my story. :)

      Thanks for your honest opinion and yes, to each their own...

  3. I purchased the aerosol can and I love it. I keep hoping they will make it again. I keep searching but refuse to pay the jacked up EBAY prices for this stuff! Yes, to each their own. I usually don't like flowery, perfumy scents. Cinnamon is SO over-rated for Christmas!


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