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I was researching a story for one of my other blogs, which led me to another story which led me to even another story, which eventually led me to this Flickr Find, (sorry, I get side-track VERY easily as everyone here at MFS will attest to).  So don't ask me what the original story was about because I forgot already with the excitement and all when I 'stumbled' across these photos...

Yes they are sitting on toilets.  Welcome to the Modern Toilet Restaurant of Taiwan!  Yes guys!  I'm talking an actual TOILET restaurant which is not for the squeamish so move on if this bothers you!  I just love crazy and unique restaurants, don't you?  This one reminded me of the Heart Attack Grill in the USA - remember that one?

But you have to hand it to the Asians, when it comes to being 'creative', adventurous and brave in regards  to creating and hosting the most unual themed-restaurants, they win it hands down!

In this case, it is the Taiwanese that's responsible for this... this toilet eatery. I had to research this more so I went to 'Wiki'...

This is a 2,800-square-foot (260 m2), three-story restaurant and everything in it is based on items from a bathroom. You name it - they have it! Everything from the checkered tile covered walls adorned with showerheads to the plungers hanging from the ceiling along with feces-shaped lights, to the toilet dishes and urinal-shaped drink containers - this restaurant has it all!!

The chairs are actual unworking toilets, dishes are served on plastic miniature toilet bowls, and drinks in miniature urinals. Don't this just makes you want to eat there even more!!??

Wikipedia went on to state Owner Wang Tzi-Wei opened Modern Toilet after the success of his ice cream shop that sold swirls of ice cream served in mini toilets and,

As the Story Goes...

Owner Wang Zi-Wei, an ex-banker, stated that his inspiration for the bathroom themed restaurant came from a robot character from the Japanese cartoon Dr. Slump who loved to "play with poop and swirl it on a stick."  Wait a minute!  Back up here. There's a cartoon about a doctor who loves to play with sh*t and
twirl it on a stick?  Never mind, carry on...

From this cartoon inspiration, he started a successful ice cream shop selling swirled chocolate ice cream on top of paper squat toilets. The chain of Modern Toilets started in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and now has 12 restaurants in Taiwan, and Hong Kong with future locations planned in Macau and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Talk about edible excretions! Sorry.

There are several branches of these restaurants throughout Asia so it can't be all that bad. Anyways, I'd rather be cleaning these tubs and toilets anyday than the real thing!  Bring on the food!

Flickr photos By riNux


  1. Do you want a 'turd' with that sir? :)

    1. Lol. Silly Willy! Interesting though, eh?

  2. Linked at my site today -- and getting some comments, too.


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