So on my walk yesterday I managed to capture the sailing off of the CSL Assiniboine - a Great Lakes self-unloading bulk carrier, built in 1977, that was heading for Quebec City - a 2 day journey.

This mighty carrier is  739' 10" (225.50m) long!  I thought it would never end as I was recording it going by, (see video at the end of the post).

More stats:
Beam - 78' 00" (23.76m)
Depth - 48' 05" (14.75m)
Capacity (mid-summer) - 36,768 tons (37,358 mt) at a draft of 30' 04" (9.25m)
Power (diesel) - 9,000 b.h.p.

I seen it first, way off in the distance... slowly but surely, approaching me.

Then slowly watched it pass me by...

"I see you!"

Bye bye great ship!


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