Look what I scored yesterday at a Canadian Tire store - a Black & Decker Rechargeable Spotlight for $11.99.  It was regularly $59.99!  I wasn't in there shopping for a spotlight but for that price, as the Belgians would say- you can't leave it!

Besides, it was only later I realized it would be most beneficial for me when it's time to enter the dreaded attic. There are no windows in this attic, it is as pitch black as can be so I thought this spotlight would come in handy.  Money well spent!.. I thought.

You can also use it in many other places as suggested on the box:

Use it for Roadside Assistance, Fishing/Boating or Camping!   Oooooh... I'm so excited!

Now if only I could use it right away but it says it has to be charged for 24 hrs!

Aug. 29, 2013

Ok, it seemed to take forever to charge but I don't know if it was because I would plug it out at night and re-plug it in the morning but eventually I just used it.  I was waiting for the charger light to turn green - it never did.  Anyways, it gives off a really bright light, almost like a beam and the other light setting seams 'normal'. Either way, so far it seems like a good score.

I'll be trying it out in the attic for a true test and will be getting back to you with the results....

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