CONDO RENO - Final Phase

Ok, it's finally done - all the renovations.  There were more things that could have been improved, but with a limited budget, this was the best we could do.  However, we were able to cut cost and change out all the existing old doors to newer ones by firstly, using the existing door frames (since they were made out of metal and would be a pain-in-the-ass to change anyways) and secondly, by buying cheaper doors (those doors without pre-cut holes for the locks or cutouts for the hinges). We drilled the holes and chiseled the cutouts for the hinges ourselves! 
It's a very small condo, less than 1000 sq. ft and adding dark colours was probably the last thing I should have done.  Oh well.  It's done.

Here now are some BEFORE and AFTER pics.  
Thanks to all who have followed me on this journey of my first ever reno!  Any ideas for decoration tips or tricks is always greatly appreciated.


Room 1

Room 2

Room 3



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  1. You spent almost four months for this condo renovation. I can tell you why people should love the place. It's amazingly beautiful! You surely know what color and style to have on each room. The stairs look awesome too! The before photos look gorgeous already, but you obviously went beyond that. Great job!

    Lakisha Zimmerer @ Joanne Davidow


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