I keep hearing and reading it will be a harsh winter this year.  I can only hope they are wrong. However, according to that old winter folklore further below, I'm afraid they could be right.


... all the leaves are almost gone.

... squirrels are busy collecting insulation from your patio furniture.

A Winter Folklore

If ant hills are high in July,

Winter will be snowy.
If the first week in August is unusually warm,

the coming Winter will be snowy and long.
For every fog in August,

There will be a snowfall in Winter.
If a cold August follows a hot July,

It foretells a Winter hard and dry.
When leaves fall early,

Fall and Winter will be mild;
When leaves fall late,
Winter will be severe.

Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry,

Will cause snow to gather in a hurry.
Much rain in October,

Much wind in December.
A warm October,

A cold February.
Full Moon in October without frost,

No frost ’till November’s Full Moon.
Flowers bloomin’ in late Autumn,

A sure sign of a bad Winter comin’.
A warm November is the sign of a bad Winter.
As high as the weeds grow,

So will the bank of snow.
Thunder in the Fall foretells a cold Winter.
Onion skins very thin,

Mild Winter coming in;
Onion skins thick and tough,
Coming Winter cold and rough.

A green Christmas; a white Easter.
If there’s thunder during Christmas week,

The Winter will be anything but meek.

A tough Winter is ahead if:

corn husks are thick and tight…
apple skins are tough…
birds migrate early…
squirrels tails are very bushy…
berries and nuts are plentiful…
bees build their nests high in the trees.

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