HALLOWEEN: Lol, Exorcist Visits Retirement Home (MY VIDEOS)

A visit to a favourite retirement home was in order and it just happened to be on Halloween day! Boy was I glad that I did!  I managed to capture the 'exorcist' (who was there visting her mom, who was also dressed up for Halloween), in action, coming down the hallway, lol. (See my video at the end). A lot of the residents and staff were in costumes, but, of course, I could only share with you, the pictures of the ones that would allow me to do so.

Everyone looked great in their costumes but the one I found most fascinating was the 'exorcist' aka 'Lisa'. Lisa explained to me that this costume took her over 4 hours to do!  I thought she did an excellent job.  She looked so scary that some people wouldn't even look at her!  I saved hers for the last.

Resident 'Eveyln'

Staff 'Tia' 

Staff 'Mandi' with resident 'Tekla'

Staff 'Marie"

Staffs 'Marie' & 'Robin'

Staff 'Karen'

Staffs 'Hal' & 'Lisa'

Staff 'Lisa' aka the 'Exorcist' with her mom, 'Barbara'


Sorry about the video! Will make it public once some re-editing has been done!

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