These images went viral back in August which I found quite amusing and just had to share with you guys!

If you can’t grasp how the corporations of the world works or the economy in general, perhaps these humorous graphics created by Newstalk ZB, using two cows will do it for you. Maybe hidden in these comical images lies a grain of truth?

Plus more discovered in comments that didn't make it on the 'list':

Louie Manangan – Philippines: You have two cows.
Both of them are crocodiles.
Kieran Colfer – new American one:
You have two cows. The police shoot one because it was black.
Faber Simon – Africa: you have two cows, an american dentist shoots them. End.
Karol MÄ…drecki – Poland – you have 2 cows. You have to pay taxes higer than the value of the milk. You sell the cows to pay the taxes, but you have to pay the transaction tax for each cow as well. You have nothing with exception of debt.
Nic Daniel – Missing a few : A RUSSIAN CORPORATION 
You have two cows.

You open a bottle of vodka before starting the work , drink half of it without catching your breath then start to count them and learn you have five cows. Glad that you already exceeded your target , you stop for breakfast , open another bottle of vodka to celebrate the success and drink it all. You count them again and learn you have 42 cows , you stop for lunch and you open another bottle of vodka . You wake up later , open another bottle of vodka to give you strength, you count them again and learn you have 1 cow. You stop counting cows , open another bottle of vodka and go to Ukraine to find the other one .
Dee Mon – Nigeria: you have two cows and if you send $10,000US to my account to cover the taxes you will inherit them.

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