My Story of the BACKYARD Birds and the BABIES (5 Chapters)

So today I went through my albums and compiled some pictures of the house sparrow birds and all the drama that took place this summer in the backyard as they prepared for their youngs.

It took me some time but 50+ photos later, I have managed to put it all together in a form of a story consisting of 5 Chapters.

Some of the shots were captured through a patio door, (hence the shots weren't quite as clear),  so as not to disturb them since they were so easily startled even when I would carefully, and slowly slide the door open.

Chapter 1
Getting ready for something?

They sure were! That's pappa house sparrow I captured on a few occasions bringing stuff back to the nesting site...

He was busier than a termite in a saw mill, going back and forth all day long. That was a big load that day.

Today's load was well, light as a feather, literally!

Mama house sparrow didn't seem to participate much in the nest building and would often look on instead of carrying stuff back to the nest.

More like standing around and looking pretty instead of actually working but oh well, she was the pregnant one!

After all, somebody had to keep an eye on the house!

She did however, sometimes did her share of the nest building. Nice feathers!...

Chapter 2
I've noticed many times pappa house sparrow protecting not just the nest but a certain perimeter around the nest - before and after the babies were born... especially from those pesky squirrels! Lol.

He would not let anyone or anything near this perimeter.

Chapter 3
Weeks later and before you know it - the babies were born! There were about 3-4. I wasn't really sure as the parents were always nearby guarding the nest like it was Fort Knox.

I was able however, to capture some photos of mama and pappa house sparrow feeding two of the babies...

Aren't they cute??!!

Pappa house sparrow...

Oh-oh. I think he saw me.

Darn it! He took off. The babies are probably thinking, 'What the hell? Where did he go?'

Phew! Mama bird to the rescue!

Chapter 4
And so it went on for awhile. Both back and forth carrying food to the babies.

 What is that you have now mama house sparrow?

Is that a bug you have there?

Yes it is!

Not one but two of them!

A beetle and a fly. Cool! I was so excited!

Meanwhile, this one was wondering what all the drama was about...

but eventually went back to sleep.

While this other squirrel looked on...

Final Chapter - Chapter 5
Now this is where it got mysterious and confusing for me. One day, when the parents were away, (which I thought at the time was weird), I went over to take a peek into the birdhouse - and the babies were gone! Just like that! They were all gone. It was too soon... and I was so sad. Did they fly off? Were they eaten by other birds of prey? I had no idea.

When I took the following photos below, I had no idea at the time they were already gone. It wasn't until later, while I was going over them did I realized the parents were calling and looking for their youngs. So sad yet it was the reality of life.

Now something that was once bustling with excitement and activity...

Has now went from this...

To this...

I would read books or see on the internet, stories about birds building nests, having babies etc., but never in a million years would I thought I would be experiencing it up close and personal - at least not in a city dwelling.

As animals get closer and closer to us as we invade their spaces more and more, we inadvertently learn more and more about them and this little story of the house sparrows and their babies was just another strong reminder in life for me that no matter what happens - life goes on.

The End.

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