So last night I wanted to dig into some good old french vanilla ice cream so I made myself a bowl with some bananas cut up on top then drizzled with some chocolate syrup!  The container the ice cream came in seemed so much smaller to me but I thought it was just me being greedy and wanted more, lol.

It wasn't until later that I noticed I had an old container of the same ice cream brand in my cupboards and decided to compare them.  Well, lo and behold!  I was correct!

This brand is my most favourite since it was not only tasty but the ice cream washed off immediately off the scoop unlike some others that didn't!  They would linger a bit in my sink, and I'd be like 'Eeew, what is this thing made out of?  It's ice cream for goodness sakes!  Melt already!"

So changing brands was not an option.  So you can imagine my dismay when I discovered, once again, another product that is the same as before, but in a smaller container, costing more money!

I remembered paying anywhere from $3.25 to $4.75 for this ice cream last year but now - even at the most
'competitive' store - Walmart, it was expensive...

Whoa!  $6.32!  I guess i'll just have to start buying their cheaper 'Great Value' brand!  Look at the difference for an almost comparable size or a big tub!!

I don't know.  Maybe i'll just cut back on eating ice cream all together..... not!

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