DOG SAVES BABY (with Umbilical Cord Still Attached), From Dumpster

Warning: Disturbing Photos

Angels come in many forms…

There are images of a dog holding a baby with its umbilical cord still attached going viral and we don’t really know the true facts of the story since there are conflicting accounts of what actually happened. All, however, seem to say the same thing – the baby survived.

Some sites stated the incident happened in Brazil, while the majority said it took place in Oman, in the Middle East:

The absolutely unbelievable incident took place in Kharbika, Oman, as a man was riding his bike on Saturday morning, October 31, the man noticed a stray dog walking on the road with something in his mouth. He noticed blood drops on the road and went closer to the dog to take a closer look, and when he did, he couldn’t believe what he saw. 
According to the man, the dog was holding a newborn baby boy in his mouth; the baby – a couple of hours old – even had his umbilical cord still attached!!

The dog seemed willing to give up the baby without incident.

Another report stated the dog walked till he found some obliging humans – went to a home and laid the baby on the doorstep and barked until the homeowner answered.

Regardless of the circumstances of how the baby and dog were found, all agreed the dog did something miraculous. The newborn baby was reportedly taken to an emergency room and somehow survived.

According to UrDogs, Authorities in Oman are investigating:

As it happened, the dog was wandering near a hospital ( maybe he was trying to find it? ), and so the child was transferred to the emergency room quickly and there, the doctors couldn’t believe their eyes, the child was not hurt, even though the dog must have been holding him like that for god knows how long.

Miraculously, the child is absolutely fine!

The authorities in Oman have opened an investigation and is trying to figure out what happened. The police had checked all the hospitals’ records as they suspected the dog could’ve grabbed the baby from there, but all the mothers had their babies and no one was missing.

However, witnesses in the hospitals have told the police that a girl came earlier to the emergency room but refused to let the doctor check her if he was going to record it, and she fled the hospital. The police fear that this girl might be the mother of the child, and that she gave birth to the child and threw him somewhere where people couldn’t find him, but this dog did, and somehow he knew where to head to save this baby!

Investigators in the country are searching for the mother or any information about the child.


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  1. oh the dog carried it for god knows how long..... but long enough for someone to take pictures of it ?!? Right.