So I was out relaxing on the back patio the other day, enjoying a beer, (I'm still searching for one I really like, by the way), when suddenly I heard ruffling in the trees and tiny leaves or something falling from it. After a few minutes of intensely watching the trees, I realized it was some squirrels. Of course! What else could it have been?

I haven't seen them for so long - since the weather got warmer actually, so I totally forgot about them. But as you all know, I love taking pictures of them so I ran back inside to grab my camera and started shooting away.

It was hard to spot them at first but if you look closely, you will see them. Whatever they were eating, they were sure enjoying it and it was also so fascinating to see how adept they were at eating upside down. Oh! Check out the animation also that was created by Google+ way down below.

Animated, courtesy of Google+...

Then back at it again later...

Thanks for viewing!

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