So I came across another short,but heart-wrenching story, this time coming out of China of a boy who had dreams of living it big and the doctors who were grateful for what he did in the end of his short-lived life:

An 11-year-old primary school student, Liang Yaoyi, from Shenzhen, China who suffered from a brain tumour decided to donate his kidneys and liver shortly before his death.

He previously wanted to become a big boss who made lots of money so this way he could take care of his mother, but since the tumour, his wishes had change and said if he could have lived he would have became a doctor to cure everyone’s illnesses.

His wish was fulfilled on June 6th, when his organs he wanted to donate, saved several lives.

The above photo shows him in the intensive care unit, where little Yaoyi had already lost consciousness and was no longer able to close his eyes by himself, so the nurses put a thick layer of medical cream onto his eyes.

In a touching act of gratitude, after the operation, the doctors pushed the boy’s body out of the room and bowed down three times to him with his mother grieving in the background.

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