So Today I came upon a heart warming story that I wanted to share with my viewers. You all know how much I love squirrels since I'm always taking photos of the little critters and posting them on here. So you can just imagine my delight when I came across this story.

What would you do if you stumbled upon a baby squirrel, and I mean baby as in newborn? Where would you even begin to start? We all know taking in and caring for any baby animal of the wild is never a good idea for numerous reasons, but stumbling upon a newly born baby squirrel while gardening - well the alternatives are... hard. Do you just leave it there to fend for itself when you know very well it may die. Or do you take it in and try to care for it? The human compassion in us trumps any rational reasoning. We have to care for it. And that's exactly what one couple did when the husband came across a baby squirrel trapped inside a bag of mulch. They named him Zip.

This story is over a year old now but is always worth mentioning over and over again. The pictures below speaks volumes. Zip was eventually set free.

Zip - DAY 1

Cut open a bag of mulch and this little guy fell out!

Zip - Day 3

force feeding

Zip - 2 Weeks

Eating like a champ

Zip - 3 Weeks

This is how he looks after over eating!

Zip - 4-5 weeks

Eyes finally opening!

5th Week

Fully aware and getting playful!

The last 4 photos were taken on March 26, 2013

Just hanging out!

Zip grubbin'

Zip begging for blueberry

Zip enjoying some morning light

Now we can only hope Zip survived after being released back into the wild since young squirrels need to be with other squirrels the first six to eight weeks of life to learn survival skills and squirrel behavior.
Did you know, according to an article I read, after eight weeks they won’t accept other squirrels? These guys seemed to have released Zip just in time!

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