Meet Jack English, a 93-year-old legend who lives in a cabin isolated deep in the Ventana Wilderness.

While on a hunting trip he learned that an old homestead in the Ventana Wilderness was being put up for auction by the estate of a childless heiress. He put a bid on the property and won. On the land he built a small cabin using materials from the land and milling trees by hand. When his wife passed away, Jack effectively left "society" and moved to the cabin full time.

Ventana Wilderness is a Federally designated wilderness area located in the Santa Lucia Mountains along the Central Coast of California.  Some favourite quotes I loved, from Jack...

"It's not that I don't like people, I do, but I don't like 'swarms' of them."

"I'm just different than most people... I'd rather go back than go ahead."

I would love to be able to live like Jack someday... just not alone, lol.  Great video!


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