Ouch! Guy Makes HUGE PORTRAIT OF HIS TRUE LOVE OUT OF 840 RUBIK'S CUBES – Only to get Rejected

Poor fella. I feel his pain...

Tong Aonan spent three restless nights putting together this huge portrait of the face of his one true love – a portrait which took the careful solving of 840 Rubik’s cubes to complete.

It also cost him $460, he told CNN, as well as two months of painstakingly mapping out the design of his 2.6-meter-high, 1.37-meter-wide symbol of love for the apple of his eye.

All that work in vain because, unfortunately, when he presented his one-and-only with this gift, she said no. Ouch.

Thankfully, the 27-year-old mechanic from Shenyang seems to be taking it pretty well, all things considered.
“I’m not giving it too much thought,” he further told CNN. “I simply wanted to surprise her and tell her I like her … but I was rejected.”
Tong says he has no hard feelings towards his muse, though now he’s not sure what to do with the giant portrait of her face that is sitting in his room. Perhaps scribble all over it?

Many bitter guys online have wrote in to say that they feel Tong’s pain and to complain about the vicious cruelty of the fairer sex.
“If you don’t have money, you have to have looks. If you don’t have either, then you are out luck,” one netizen sighed.
“If he was more handsome then this gift would have worked like a charm. Women are too superficial,” another complained.

Let’s hope he will now have girls flocking at his feet after this story. Good luck Tong!


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