So I was out watering my hanging plants today and was thinking about my squirrel friends. I haven't seen them for over a week. My husband told me he hasn't really seen any also but he still tosses out some food for them every once in awhile in case they do come around. I was just curious if they've been near our yard lately and I soon found out the answer to that question.

As I mentioned, I was out watering the hanging plants, or I was about to anyways when I noticed something weird in between the stems in one of the flower pots.

I had to get a closer look.

What the hell was that, I thought out loud. "What the hell is what?" my husband barked. I said, "there's something in the flower pot." 

We both moved in closer but Jack who got ahead of me suddenly burst out laughing so hard I remember thinking the neighbours must have thought we were getting an early start on this Labour Day holiday. Before I could even get closer to really check it out, he manages to spit out through the laughter "I guess they've been around 'cause that wasn't in there yesterday."

Lol. There was a slice of bread and what appears to be a bun in the flower pot. Jack mentioned those weren't from him either cause he usually puts peanut butter on any bread that he gives them.

So not only do they come here for take-out but apparently delivery too!

Why those sneaky little... Oh well, I guess I won't be wondering if they've been around anymore.

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